Clo's General Leather Co.

Trifold Long Wallet (Hardtimes Brown)


Handmade in Edmonton, AB with 3-4 oz full grain leather.

This "hardtimes brown" leather color is very unique as it contains a "pull up" which will bring different contrasts (highlights and lowlights) as the wallet is used.

The trifold long wallet has plenty of space for cash, cards and receipts.

There are five card slots and two bill fold inserts on either side of the wallet.

Keep receipts tucked in the space behind your cards for added organization.

Holds up to 12 cards comfortably.

- There is a limited quantity of this colorway available -


(Opened) 10" Long X 7.25" Tall 

(Closed) 3.5" Long X 7.25" Tall